I meet Tressa in November 2017 at a Publish Like a Pro Workshop and instantly, I was hooked!  I had already completed my first book, "The Prodigal Daughter Returns--A Song of Redemption and Restoration"; however, I had no idea as to how to publish it and get my message out to the world.  Through Tressa's extensive knowledge, expertise and much patience, I was able to successfully publish and market my book March 2019.  Tressa walked me through all phases of the writing process--editing, cover design and layout, publishing and marketing--step-by-step and also offered inspiration and encouragement as I was facing personal challenges and obstacles.  Being a Premium VIP Member has allowed me access to this publishing genius and has also given me the opportunity to expand my "tribe" and increase my network.  A friend introduced me to Tressa and it was one of the best gifts I could have ever received!  Because of her anointing and gifts, I have been able to flourish and shine and am working on my second and third books and also my second and third companies!

MaKelia Mitchell

I first connected with Tressa as a mentee in her Write & Publish Like a Pro class, and had no intentions to sign up as a VIP when it ended. But after experiencing the value she adds to my life, I joined, and haven’t regretted it for one moment. Tressa gives her all, and her presence has a glow, even over the phone. Being a VIP pays me far more than I pay her!

Danita Brooks

I connected with Tressa back in 2016, after praying for a mentor who would help catapult me into my purpose.  A mentor who was able to help me become an author, as I had envisioned.  Soon after praying that prayer, I saw her social media post which encouraged persons to follow her if they were interested in publishing a book.  I signed up for her free call, and I've been with her ever since.  That's one of the best decisions I ever made.  Because of her expertise and leadership, I am now a self- published author of my first book "From Trauma to Transformation: All Things New!"  Tressa, you are my gift from God!

Audra Hill

Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood has truly blessed me with her teachings, encouragement and motivation; I am so blessed to have connected with her and the VIP Club. If it weren’t for her course, “Write and Publish Like a Pro,” I would not have finished my first book “Just Being Me”. Her VIP Club has connected me with so many amazing people, from authors and writers to film and TV producers and directors.  As a mentee, I can say that Tressa has brought out the gift of writing in me and that I not only write books but know how to write TV bibles and movie scripts.  Tressa speaks from her heart, keeps it real, cares about helping others and is definite a Diamond in the rough.

Taunya Lynnette

Tressa is God Sent

I started writing my book in 2007. I didn't know the first thing about publishing a book. By 2017, I still didn't have a finished manuscript. I was completely stuck, frustrated, and ready to give up. I signed up for Tressa's Write Like a Pro program, and literally within four months I had a completed manuscript. Not only is Tressa extremely knowledgeable and experienced with writing and publishing books, but her sincere, go-getter, don't give me no excuses attitude helps motivate and encourage people to not only complete the task at hand, but to give it your all, and leave nothing behind. I am truly grateful for her mentor-ship. I have discovered a creative side in me that i didn't know existed, and with Tressa by my side, I know the sky is the limit in terms of where this talent will take me. Thank you!!!!

Kai Jae

I started working with Tressa a few years ago when I took her screenwriting class. Then last year, I signed on with her mentor-ship program and became a premium VIP member in October.

I have to say, working with Tressa, I have grown a lot as a writer and a screenwriter. Tressa is a natural teacher so every time she speaks, whether in your one-on-one or in a group setting, she drops gems and knowledge. Even though I am not a first time author, I learned so much from Tressa on publishing my latest book on the business side and the marketing side. I appreciate the additional publishing tips and business advice provided.

As a mentor, Tressa will hold you accountable for setting and meeting your goals while also teaching you about building your brand and forcing you to step outside of your comfort zone.  I'm extremely grateful for the doors she has opened for me by introducing me to TV  executives where I have been able to pitch my scripts.  Over the past year, I have gotten closer to meeting my screenwriting goals and I know it's because of Tressa.

Kudos to Tressa for being able to juggle her massive schedule and personal workload while pouring into so many others looking to level up!


LaKesa Cox

Lex the Exec, a hard working Momprenuer here who thought she had it all together. Great ideas, even goals sat for years by standing in my own way. In 2017 I made a life changing decision….. with the beast mode, constant motivation, and genuine skilled support of the best mentor any one could ask for. Tressa really turned up the heat when it came down to “getting it done”. Providing the tools and know how, there was no way I was turning back. I am forever grateful to be apart of such an amazing and powerful group that helps and support one another. Sincerely mother, business owner, momager and children’s author, more accolades to come. VIPs rock!!

Lex the Exec

My Name is Angelee L. Alston a.k.a. Amazing Angelee. I have been a member of the VIP Club since October 2018. My life changed tremendously when I made a choice to sign up for Tressa Azarel Smallwood "Write & Publish like a Pro" mentor class. I was able to get tools of wisdom on how to write with passion and published with like a pro. My book, "Purposely Chosen A Memoir" was published the following year! I am now confident and proud that I can bring my dreams to reality if I just believe and put it to action. Best of all, I have met so many members who want nothing but the best for you in life. I am forever grateful.
Love my VIP family! Amazing Angelee

Angelee L. Alston

I thank God for Tressa.  She took my despair and depression and showed me my worth and purpose. My first novel is completed. The second novel and series of 3 children’s books are near completion. I started a publishing company. I have a better understanding of who I am. She motivates me to be my best. I am creating my legacy. I am better because of Tressa.



Tressa, it has been a blessing having you as my mentor. I thank God for you and wish you and your family many blessings. You have taught me the tools for growing from a baby Boss to a true Boss Lady. Everyone around me has told me that I have changed. They call me 'business lady', 'money maker', and 'expert'. I have met a lot of amazing people and made lifetime connections because of the challenges and conversations you have provided me. I have people coming out of everywhere asking me to do workshops, speak at their event and even help them publish there book. You have changed the way I think which is embraced by my motto 'Boss Life starts with a Boss Mindset'. You have truly given me a Boss Mindset. The seeds that you have planted in me will not die but grow and I pray that God blesses you to be able to continue planting seeds and changing lives for many many many years. There is so much I want to do, I wish there were more hours in the day. I hope I have not disappointed you by not finishing the eBook, which will get finished, and if you need anything from me ever please do not hesitate to ask.


I wanted to take moment to Thank You for sharing your knowledge Jewels ?, Thank You being a Motivating Role Model.
Before I joined the VIP CLUB I lacked confidence in myself even though other around didn’t. My journey to this point was short but bumpy. I self published my first it did ok but for my second book I knew I would need help with it. A family friend referred me to someone who had wrote several Bestseller and was now help new and aspiring author. I was excited. After paying $5000 and 2yrs of back and forth my book was finally released. It wasn’t perfect but people enjoyed and wanted more. I knew next was going to be different. I needed knowledge from someone I could trust an Boom ? there you were in my news feed on Instagram. Me and my bestie google you and everything about you and knew you were THE REAL DEAL!!!

So here I am motivated with goals and plans for my future Thanks to You!!!

Yvette Author Karamell Jones

A shinning light in my life is one of the best ways I can describe what Tressa has been to me. With her by my entrepreneurial side, I have gain more business clarity than I have in the last 5 years. What she teach and you activate takes you to your next level. Having Tressa to be hands on with accountability, helps me to be on task and complete assignments. The VIP club is beyond exceptional. The live calls, resources, and a community of supporters all because of a vision she focused her eyes on. Tressa has been phenomenal. Beyond the business, there is beauty. Tressa is beautiful inside and out. With a spirit of love, she shows her passion for her people. A diamond in the sky!!!!


Dr. Glenise Harris-Wilson

I just wanted to take a moment and simply say THANK YOU! Since I've met you, you've been nothing but an inspiration and motivation to my life.Watching repeat videos from your VIP session literally helped me to ROCK my first keynote address this past Saturday at Bowie State University!!!! I initially joined because I wanted help with writing a novel about my life and promiscuity growing up, but I've gained SO MUCH MORE in just a matter of weeks. You're AMAZING Tressa and I thank God for speaking through you to me!

Kierra M. Wagstaff

I was trapped in government contracting job, making six-figures but still unhappy.  I just didn't think that entrepreneurship was something I could make happen for myself.   As soon as I hopped on a consultation call with Tressa, I felt like she was the first person who really heard me, understood me.  She firmly said, "It's time and I am gong to help you get THERE."

Carla Monstrat

Everyone in my family told me I had to go to college to get a salaried job but I wanted to start my own business since high school. I found Tressa on social media and she has been my mentor ever since. She has saved me from making countless, priceless mistakes.

Sydney Cochran

When I started working with Tressa, I did not know anything about starting a business.  I called her because she helped a friend of mine make a career transition that was perfect for him and I had the opportunity to make a change but did not know where to start. I became committed to making the necessary changes and proceeded with my goal of owning my new business...in less than 90 days.

Lamont Greene

My visions and dream of opening a cosmetology school started in 2011. The reality of putting my dream into action did not start until February 2016 when I became a men-tee of Tressa Azarel. I have conquered procrastination, confidence, fear of failure, faith in success, and the process of turning my dream into a reality, all within a three month time period. Tressa is not only an exceptional mentor to me, but she is living proof and exemplifies a woman who stands firm on Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me). The best mentor-ship one could have, is one that is results driven. Thank you Tressa Azarel for the results!


After spending just a few days under the leadership of my mentor Tressa "Azarel" Smallwood, my mindset is on another level. Her tips & hard core advice has pushed me to want more & to go more than ever before.

Phylecia Morgan

I trusted my project to Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood of Life Changing Books to keep from being exploited in a world of dishonest publishers. Every component of my self-publishing process came with authentic wisdom, open communication, endless positiveness, and both national and international resources. Mrs. Smallwood and her staff guided me step-by-step from the first initial call to the final product. She is an effective powerhouse who provides quality feedback at every level, idea, or dream. Although she is a mogul, she finds the time of thoughtfulness to email, post, or appear on my behalf. Life Changing Books is Grade A approved by Tokeitha Wilson. 

Tokeitha Wilson


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